bamboo toothbrush anyone?

Kamaway Market's very own natural, unscented Yaupon soap is made right here in Wimberley.


2"x6" sticker for $1.99 plus .50 cents shipping

Hand felted wool trivets from Nepal and decoupaged coasters from Wimberley

Top selling Natural Tribute stickers by Andrew Maxwell....check out his shop, 'Budaful Hiker", right here in Wimberley.

Owner, Maridel, makes this line of skin products and the yaupon soap.



There's so much we could say about the benefits of yaupon tea, it really deserves its own page!

Nuluv is a working ranch outside of Kerrville.Their Nubian goats are milked every morning and night, by hand.

Peer-reviewed scientific research shows that yaupon is anti-inflammatory and is full of antioxidants.  There's no need to import caffeine from across the planet!

So many sun catchers from which to choose....made in Wimberley


Or palo santo bundles, which do you prefer?                $10

If you're in search of some hand crafted colorfully fragrant soap, then you'll love Gingergread Soap Bakery soaps.



Next time you're in Wimberley, don't forget to drop by Kamaway Market! But for now, our one online purchasable item is this sticker.  And if you're from "roun' here", you know what it means :)

This ever so, multi-functional art, African Bolga Baskets, are hand crafted from elephant grass  in Bolgatanga, Ghana.

Business Consulting

Natural, locally made skin products........ and so much more

Cleanse with sage smudge sticks $7.50


Lost Pines Yaupon Tea is made from the leaves of North America's only native caffeinated plant....Yaupon Holly.

And it's delicious!!


These beautiful Rainy Day Illustrations tea towels are by Houston artist Suzanne Simmons